Allergy Care

Experienced Allergists Helping Lexington Families

Dr. William Greisner
Dr. William A. Greisner III, M.D.
Kristen Evans, APRN
Kristen N. Evans, APRN

At Bluegrass Allergy Care, our allergists Dr. William Greisner and Kristen Evans, APRN are dedicated to bringing relief to those who suffer from allergies and asthma. For over 25 years, families in and around Lexington have trusted Bluegrass Allergy Care as their family allergist. Through our care we’ve helped them manage their allergies and restore their active lifestyles. 

We provide complete allergy care services, including:

Treatment for All Types of Allergies

We treat all types of allergies, including:

  • Pollen Allergies
  • Food Allergies
  • Pet Allergies
  • Dust Allergies
  • Mold Allergies
  • Insect Sting Allergies
  • Alpha-gal/Red Meat Allergies
  • Drug & Local Anesthetic Allergies
  • Cosmetic Allergies
  • Metal Allergies
  • And many more
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“An exemplary and professional clinic. The nurses were great! Dr. Greisner is amazing and knowledgeable to say the least. They provide you the time you deserve and listen tentatively. Glad I came to this clinic.” – K.

Allergy Relief for Active Famililes

We treat all ages, and specialize in treating young children, including toddlers and infants. When you choose Bluegrass Allergy Care to treat yourself or your family, you receive experienced, personal care. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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Do you have allergies?

Lexington and areas of Central Kentucky have been rated as one of the most allergy-challenging places to live in the U.S. Allergies like hay fever, seasonal allergies, food, pet, insect and skin allergies, often cause discomfort and interfere with daily activities. In some cases, these can even be life threatening.

Allergy symptoms can take many forms. What appears to be a common cough or runny nose could actually be an allergic reaction. The only way to really know if your symptoms are due to allergies is to see an allergist. We’re here and ready to help. Call to today to schedule an appointment.

More About Our Allergy Care:

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